Omega Sufficiency™ 3rd Party Testing Results Omega 3 Fish Oil

Batch No.: 659101
Expiration Date: April 2022
Product testing performed by: Eurofins
Batch Test Results: Product exceeds pharmaceutical standards for quality and purity.

Omega Sufficiency's unsurpassed quality is the result of our dedication to the highest standards for the source, extraction, purity and bottling of our natural omega-3 oil. Every batch is sent to Eurofins an independent third-party laboratory in Europe for testing to ensure that we meet the industry’s most stringent guidelines for pharmaceutical grade, label claims, purity, and freedom from oxidation. We not only meet, but surpass the requirements set out by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN). Third-party test results for our current product lot are detailed below.

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Label Claim Test

We feel strongly that consumers deserve to have assurance from third party testing that supplement label claims are accurate and valid.
Total Omega-3s label claim: 1400 mg
Total Omega-3s test result: 1640 mg
EPA label claim: 720 mg
EPA test result: 770 mg
DHA label claim: 480 mg
DHA test result: 550 mg

Purity and Oxidation Test

Test Manufacturing Spec Test Result Passed
PCBs CRN Maximum allowable limit: 0.09 mg/kg 0.0026 mg/kg
Lead CRN Maximum allowable limit: 0.1 mg/kg less than 0.02 mg/kg
Cadmium CRN Maximum allowable limit: 0.1 mg/kg less than 0.005 mg/kg
Mercury CRN Maximum allowable limit: 0.1 mg/kg less than 0.005 mg/kg
Arsenic CRN Maximum allowable limit: 0.1 mg/kg less than 0.05 mg/kg
Dioxin-like PCBs WHO Maximum allowable limit: 3 pg WHO-TEQ/g 0.180 pg WHO-TEQ/g
Dioxins and Furans WHO Maximum allowable limit: 2 pg WHO-TEQ/g 0.309 pg WHO-TEQ/g
Pesticide Organochlorine and Organophosphorus                                None Detected
Peroxide Level For Oxidation/Rancidity Max. 5 meq/kg 1.1 meq/kg