Omega Sufficiency™ : Essential for Heart Health

We thought it would be useful to provide another reminder about the importance of omega 3 fatty acids for heart health. There is compelling evidence to support the conclusion that EPA and DHA omega 3 fatty acid deficiency is a significant risk factor for cardiovascular disease and that sufficient intake of these essential fatty acids reduces both heart disease and death. The documented effects of sufficient EPA and DHA consumption include:1-3

  1. Improved lipoprotein profile (including Triglyceride reduction);
  2. Competition with n-6 Arachidonic Acid, which reduces platelet aggregation and inflammatory eicosanoids;
  3. Hypocoagulant effect;
  4. Inhibition of early and late inflammatory atherogenesis;
  5. Reduction of Blood Pressure;
  6. Improved endothelial function;
  7. Reduction of ventricular arrhythmias;
  8. Increase in heart rate variability;
  9. Plaque stabilization;

The evidence is so convincing that even the American Heart Association recommends that patients with documented Coronary Heart Disease consume 1 g per day of EPA+DHA4.

In an article published in Cardiovascular Research in 2007 authors von Schacky and Harris reviewed the available evidence regarding the importance of omega 3 fatty acid sufficiency. They concluded that omega 3 deficiency is so dangerous that it should be considered a new risk factor for sudden cardiac death. They found that "an omega 3 index (the percentage of EPA and DHA omega 3 fatty acids relative to all other fatty acids in red blood cell membranes) of > 8% is associated with 90% less risk for sudden cardiac death, as compared to an omega 3 index of < 4%2.

Of course it would be both unethical and illogical to wait to develop heart disease to begin supplementing with fish oil! Clearly the most logical, most ethical, and healthiest approach is to recommend sufficient intake of these essential nutrients for Everybody – Everyday – For Life!™ This is of course what we do at Innate Choice®.

It makes no sense to wait until someone develops heart disease and then use fish oil as a treatment. Obviously the best approach is to ensure sufficient consumption of these essential nutrients throughout life to promote health and prevent the occurrence of illness.

For the investment of just a few pennies and a few seconds each day supplementation with Omega Sufficiency™ provides both wellness and prevention for Everybody – Everyday – For Life!™

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