Announcing NEW 30 DAY Supply 300 ml Bottles of Omega Sufficiency™!


Announcing NEW 30 DAY Supply 300 ml Bottles of Omega Sufficiency™ !

We have had many doctors request a one-month supply of Omega Sufficiency™ for three main reasons.

One, a one-month supply allows the entire Essential Nutrient System (Omega Sufficiency, Probiotic Sufficiency, and Vita Sufficiency) to be purchased monthly and this allows Essential Nutrient System Packages to be offered to patients. Vitamin D-Sufficiency only needs to be purchased every 3 months because it contains 100 daily servings.

Two, a one-month supply matches the one month or bimonthly appointment schedule for wellness patients thus making it much easier to time office visits with the required purchase of the fish oil and other Innate Choice Essential Nutrient System supplements.

Three, it is a significantly cheaper product to purchase which seems to remove a barrier for many patients – or for doctors who give away a bottle when patients sign up for care.

The 500ml bottles are priced at $29.99 each or $179.94 per case of 6 (six). The new 300ml bottles are priced at $20.99 each or $188.91 for a case of 9 (nine). At a suggested retail price of $40-45 for the new 300ml bottles your profit per case will be higher. With our incredible 5 and 1 special (buy five cases and get one free) your price per bottle drops to only $17.49!

Of course we will be keeping the very popular 500ml / 17 oz. large bottle that has been a staple for most offices. It is so popular with families that we will be keeping that option for the long term.


Yours in Health and Wellness

Dr James L. Chestnut