Innate Choice Healthy News - Volume 9: Naturally Occurring vs Naturally Derived

Extracting some ingredients from an olive and then biochemically altering or concentrating them would be classified as naturally derived. A HUGE DIFFERENCE! Most pharmaceutical and street drugs are naturally derived - so is high fructose corn syrup, so is hydrogenated corn oil, so are trans fats, and SO ARE FISH OIL CONCENTRATES AND SYNTHETIC VITAMINS.

In other words there is NO NATURAL SOURCE of naturally derived products - they are NOT NATURAL, they are DERIVED from something natural - they are ARTIFICIALLY CREATED BY HUMANS. For example, there is neither any fish nor any animal on earth that has a concentrated EPA or DHA fatty acid profile or fatty acids in the ethyl ester form. Similarly there is no natural source of hydrogenated fats, high fructose corn syrup, or synthetic vitamins. Our genes ARE NOT designed or adapted to require these products and the healthiest humans have NEVER consumed such products - they are NOT FOOD, they are pharmaceuticals.

Naturally occurring products ARE FOUND IN NATURE - they are NATURAL - they are actual natural products - they are DESIGNED BY NATURE. For example the fish oil in Innate Choice™ Omega Sufficiency™ is in its NATURAL EPA and DHA ratios, is in the NATURAL TRIGLYCERIDE FORM and has the other NATURALLY OCCURRING fatty acid components left in (not artificially concentrated). Our genes HAVE been designed or adapted to require fatty acids in this form. Innate Choice™ Omega Sufficiency™ is FOOD just like olive oil! Would anyone think it better or healthier to biochemically alter olive oil rather than keep it in its natural form? The answer is obvious - when you ask the right question!

Similarly, Innate Choice® Probiotic Sufficiency™ has been formulated to mirror the species present in the natural human intestinal flora. It has also been produced on a dairy-free, wheat-free, soy-free culture because none of these foods were consumed by our pre-agricultural ancestors when the "normal human flora" was defined. Why is this important? The "normal" human intestinal flora does NOT include flora or bacteria from wheat, soy, or dairy!

Perhaps the best questions are these. Have we EVER improved on nature? Have we EVER improved food with biochemical alteration in a lab? NEVER! Innate Choice™ feels the same way! We will always deliver NATURALLY OCCURRING supplements for wellness and prevention rather than naturally derived pharmaceuticals or nutraceuticals for disease treatment.