OmegA+D Sufficiency™ - The Perfect Chiropractic Supplement Has Arrived


Now Available in CANADA!

OmegA+D Sufficiency™ - The Perfect Chiropractic Supplement Has Arrived.

The ideal synergistic combination of omega-3, vitamin A, and vitamin D creating the perfect supplement for recovery, wellness, prevention, and performance.

Why did I create OmegA+D Sufficiency™ ?

  1. Because the two most evidence-based nutrients in the world in terms of both need for supplementation due to deficient intake and documented clinical benefit for recovery, wellness, prevention, and performance are the omega-3 fatty acids (EPA, DPA, and DHA), and vitamin D3.
  2. Because vitamin A and Vitamin D are essential synergists for each other; they literally increase the number of receptors for each other which increases absorption into the cell.
  3. Because this product NEEDS to be part of every evidence-based patient care plan and it makes it SO EASY to have omega-3 and vit D (with synergistic vit A) all in one product.
  4. Because by far the best sources of these nutrients are full fatty acid complement (not concentrated), natural triglyceride form (not ethyl ester), third party tested contaminant-free, traditional Norwegian produced fish and cod liver oil and lanolin (D3).
  5. Because combining our Omega Sufficiency fish oil (EPA, DPA, DHA) with our A+D Sufficiency Cod Liver Oil (EPA, DHA, naturally occurring Vit A and D3) and our D-Sufficiency (adding the correct amount of extra vitamin D3 from lanolin) into one product allows everyone to get the perfect sufficient amounts and perfect synergistic combination of these essential nutrients all in one product.
  6. Because it is not only the most clinically effective it is the most convenient! No need for three different products and no need to count drops of vitamin D.
  7. Because we have been repeatedly asked to create a 30 day supply of both the fish oil and vitamin D3 and we have done that with OmegA+D Sufficiency™.
  8. We have kept the same lemon flavor for both the liquid and gel capsule options.

*** Because we are not allowed to recommend more than the current RDA for Vit D which is 600 IU for adults in Canada (an amount that is considered negligently low by all recent peer-reviewed Vit D research as well as the Vitamin D Council in the U.S.) we had to make the recommended serving ¼ tsp on the label.

The proper amount is 2 tsp per day for adults or ½ tsp per every 40 lbs (18kg).

The bottle contains 60 tsp or a 30 day supply.

You will still have the option to purchase our fish oil and our vitamin D separately if you wish. You can, as we have always taught, get enough vitamin A from converting the beta carotene from foods – the best sources are yams, carrots, and cooked spinach. Many people indicated to us that their patients were not juicing carrots or eating enough of these foods so we decided it was a great idea to combine the cod liver oil with the fish oil and extra vitamin D and provide the perfect synergistic amounts of Omega-3, vitamin A, and Vitamin D3 together in one product.

There simply is no better, more evidence-based, more cost effective way to get these essential nutrients that are human genetic requirements for recovery, wellness, prevention, and performance.

I urge you and your staff to click here and read my paper on the importance of these nutrients in chiropractic practice.

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Receive a copy of the ‘Chiropractic and OmegA+D Sufficiency – The Gold Standard Protocol for Recovery, Wellness, Prevention, and Performance’ presentation in Powerpoint Slideshow and PDF formats to run in your clinic when you order your first case.*


Yours in Health and Wellness

Dr James L. Chestnut

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