Can't I just get enough EPA/DHA from eating fish?

Eating several meals of fish every day would provide sufficient amounts of EPA and DHA. However, fish, including farmed fish, is now so riddled with pollutants such as heavy metals and PCBs and dioxins that eating enough fish to get your omega 3 EFAs is considered dangerous.

The FDA suggests that a significant amount of fish is essentially inedible due to these industrial and farming pollutants and this is also now true for most of the deep water ocean fish such as tuna, cod, and swordfish. In fact, pregnant women are now being advised to avoid eating fish altogether. In addition to the nutritional implications of this data, it is a sad commentary on how we are polluting the environment, our food sources, and ultimately ourselves.

Supplementation with a purified, toxin free fish oil like Omega Sufficiency® is now crucial for every person starting from infancy. We simply cannot safely get enough EPA/DHA omega 3 fatty acids without proper supplementation.