Should I give my pets Omega Sufficiency™?

Yes! Dogs and cats are toxic with Omega 6 fatty acids and deficient in Omega 3 fatty acids for the same reasons humans are. Dog and cat food is riddled with Omega 6 fats from corn and soy. In fact, corn and soy are often the leading ingredients in pet food!

Neither wild nor domesticated cats or dogs are genetically designed to consume soy or corn. Dogs and cats are genetically programmed to consume EPA and DHA rich meat. EPA and DHA are as important for proper cell function and health in dogs and cats (and any other meat consuming pets) as they are in humans. The fact is that the only way to provide sufficient amounts of EPA and DHA for your pets is to supplement with fish oil.

Be aware, there are some Omega 3 pet supplements that are derived from flax or other vegetable sources! These supplements will NOT provide ANY EPA and DHA for your pets and your pets will NOT be able to convert these vegetable Omega 3s into EPA and DHA!

Dogs should take the same dose as an adult (1 tsp of oil or 5 capsules) and cats should take the same dose as a child (half tsp of oil or 2 capsules).