How long will it take to see results?

Literally, the moment you begin to supplement with Omega Sufficiency® or OmegA+D Sufficiency® you will begin to move toward EPA and DHA sufficiency and better cell function and health. How much time it takes each individual to become sufficient in EPA and DHA will depend on several factors such as how deficient the person is when beginning supplementation, how much Omega 6 fatty acids they are consuming, their exercise and nutritional status etc.

As far as seeing results in terms of symptoms of illness the results will vary for the same reasons. Many people report seeing results within days of beginning supplementation whereas others report it taking weeks or months before changes in symptoms are noticed.

This is precisely why we don't advocate treating symptoms with EPA and DHA but rather focusing on supplying your cells with the sufficient amounts of EPA and DHA that science has shown are required for health and the prevention of illness. Furthermore, and very importantly, the significant determining factor regarding who should supplement with Omega Sufficiency®is not whether or not you are symptomatic but whether or not you are supplying your cells with the sufficient amount of EPA and DHA required for health and illness prevention.

Waiting until you or your family become symptomatic or have a diagnosed illness to supplement with Omega Sufficiency® would be absurd considering the fact that science has shown beyond any reasonable doubt that everyone requires EPA and DHA on a daily basis in order to be healthy and prevent illness.