Why is vitamin D required by Everybody – Everyday – For Life™?

First and foremost, if Innate Choice creates a supplement you can be ASSURED that there is ample, valid scientific evidence showing that the nutrient is essential for human wellness and prevention AND that it is not attainable, or readily available, in industrial society.

What this means is that you require sufficient amounts of vitamin D, that you require supplementation to attain sufficient levels, and that without supplementation you are at severe risk of developing the illnesses associated with deficiency of vitamin D.

The issue of vitamin D deficiency as a major causal factor in immune system related illnesses such as seasonal cold and flu, chronic illnesses such as heart disease and cancer, and atopic and autoimmune disorders like allergies and multiple sclerosis, has received a lot of attention in the last few years. Clinical journals as well as the mainstream media have been reporting evidence that modern industrialized humans are severely deficient in Vitamin D and that this deficiency is a major contributing factor to illness and lack of wellness and prevention.